Use International Wire Transfer


Wire transfer should not be used for payments when Purchase Card (P-card) or any other standard form of payment is acceptable.

The Wire Transfer form is used to request an international wire transfer.


Procedures for Paying a vendor with a Wire Transfer

  1. Complete the Wire Transfer Form.
  2. Attach the following to the form:
    • Vendor invoice.
    • The approval of the approving official for the Fund and Org.
    • All supporting documentation.

International Wire Transfer Form Instructions


  • Section A: Requesting Department Information
    • Dept. Name: Enter the name of your department.
    • Contact Name: Enter your name as the person Accounts Payable will contact with questions.
    • Phone Number: Enter your telephone number.
    • Email address: Enter your email address.
    • Fund/Org and account code to be charged: Enter the Banner Fund or Organization (5 or 6 digits) and Account (5 digits) to charge. If there is an activity code associated with the charge, enter it here (6 digits). View the expenditure account codes list.
    • Signature of Approving official for Fund/Org: Signature of the approving official for the fund/Org is required.


  • Section B: Payee Information
    • Account Number: Enter the payee bank account information.
    • Is the Payee a nonimmigrant visa holder? If it is a yes, the request must be submitted to International Tax Office, MSN 4B2.
    • Payee Name: Enter the name as it appears on the account.
    • Address: This is optional but if the address field is used, you must enter the full street address.


  • Section C: Domestic Wire Information

In most circumstances, Accounts Payable will not wire payments to domestic vendors. Please see our ACH option (Paymode-X). Please contact Accounts Payable at 3-2580 for unusual situations.


  • Section D: International Wire Information
    • Amount and Currency: Enter the amount of the request. AP can process the wire transfer either in U.S. dollars or in several foreign currencies (EUR, GBP, etc.). If the amount is $2,000 or more, the request must be approved by Purchasing at MSN 3C5. If it is a subcontract invoice, the invoice must be approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs. Otherwise, send directly to Accounts Payable.
    • US corresponding Bank Name and ABA: This is optional. You may leave it blank if the information is not available.
    • International Bank Name and SWIFT/ IBAN code: enter the Beneficiary Financial Institution Name and the SWIFT/IBAN code.
    • IRC – International Routing Code: Required by certain countries which are highlighted in the Wire Transfer Instructions
    • Country: enter the name of the country.
    • Date Wire required by: Enter the date that you would like the payment released.
    • Memo Reference: Use this section to provide AP any special request. Otherwise, the vendor invoice number may be indicated.


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