Use eVA Purchasing

eVA is the web-based marketplace that supports the Commonwealth’s decentralized purchasing environment. This application allows items to be purchased through an integrated web-based “Punch-Out” catalog or ordered as “Non-Catalog items” identified in a vendor’s independent online or paper catalog. Orders are submitted electronically to a number of registered vendors. If the vendor does not accept electronic orders, the purchaser must coordinate with the vendor on the best avenue for order submission. 

Most purchases will need to be procured directly through eVA or recorded in eVA through the P-Card Allocation process. A fee is assessed to each transaction in eVA and charged to Mason and/or the vendor by the Commonwealth. Mason pays these fees centrally. Some purchases are exempt from eVA submission and other purchases require eVA submission but are exempt from the associated fees. Refer to the eVA Exemption Guide for proper categorization. 

Access to eVA

New users must submit an eVA Access Form and should attend Fiscal Administrative Session 2: Purchasing Made Easy and Navigating Fiscal Systems (eVA & P-Card) before gaining access. For training dates, times, and information on how to registrater please utilize the Fiscal Calendar.

Use a P-Card in eVA

A P-Card may be used to place orders with eVA vendors who accept it as a form of payment. The P-Card is the preferred payment method since it reduces paperwork and expedites payment to the vendor. Once a P-Card payment is processed in eVA, the purchaser must allocate the transaction in the Bank of America Works system to complete the process. Instructions are available on the Manage a P-Card in eVA Guide

Orders under $5,000 may be placed directly on the vendor’s website using the P-Card. Instructions on allocating P-Card transactions are available on the P-Cardholder Quick Guide.