Request Revenue Refund


Occasionally, revenue must be refunded to an individual or organization after it has been deposited. As of March 1, 2023, revenue refund payments are requested through the Revenue Refund Workflow. Accounts Payable will continue to accept the PDF fillable version of this form until June 1, 2023. The PDF version will not route through the new Workflow and will require the department to obtain manual signature approval and to submit the form via email. Click here to access the PDF version of the form.

Fund/org Number, Account Code, Amount

Revenue refunds must be processed as offsets to the fund/org and revenue account codes originally credited. The fund/org number(s) and account code(s) entered here must match those that were credited when the original deposit was recorded. Refer to the copy of the Cash Receipt, the Detail Transaction Report, or Banner Self Service Budget Status report to obtain this information.

Supporting Documentation

Revenue refund requests must include one of the following as supporting documentation:

      • A copy of the original, validated Cash Receipt form, or
      • A copy of an accounting report confirming the original deposit to the fund/org entered on the request. A printout from Self Service or E-Print will suffice.
      • Other documentation, as applicable. Please explain in the space provided on the form. First time payees who are not employees must register as a vendor with Mason prior to initiating a payment. Instructions for submitting a W-9/W-8 are available on the Do Business with Mason webpage.

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